What if YOU can change the face of beauty?

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Making the first step towards change is often the hardest thing to do. Enter Being You Beauty.

 By providing stylists with the right tools and knowledge, the co-founders of BYB, Sarah Grandinetti & Paula Peralta have a target of eliminating the burn out that stylists experience... both physically & mentally. 

The beauty industry can be a complicated one. Stylists spend their days with all walks of life, not only working to create a desirable end result with their esthetic, but we also often end up playing the role of therapist.

What if you could learn tools that would empower you in a different way to support your guests, but also give you the space to still have YOU at the end of the day? 

By changing the energy the stylists carry with them into the salon, we are aware that together, with YOU, we can change the face of the beauty industry. 

What legacy are you creating?





Before I became a hairstylist myself, I was super aware of the disconnect between me as a salon guest and the stylists whose chairs I found myself in. I hadn’t yet gone to Cosmetology school to know how to describe what I wanted and I was always so hopeful, every time I tried a new stylist, that they would take the time to help me decide what I wanted. Keep in mind that this was before people carried mini computers in their pockets with things like Pinterest boards and Google available to them. I wasn’t able to pull up the latest trends by putting the keywords into a search engine and use the available content to speak for me. I was left to the outdated hardcover “hairstyles” books that a salon mayhave. So, basically, what I’m saying is that I entered every salon with my fingers crossed. But, I knew that if the stylist would just take the time to really talk to me, we could have figured it out together. Sadly enough, this wasn’t always the case. I always felt rushed or talked over the top of and even on some occasions, totally disregarded.
As I entered into this amazing industry many years later...


I was 29-years-old when I made the decision to go to cosmetology school. Before that, I went to college that led to working at 2 different construction companies in 3 different offices over an 8 year period.  And then I was laid off. After a few tears, a bit of soul searching and a conversation with a good friend who was making almost as much money in 3 days as a hairdresser as I had been making working 60+ hours per week, I decided to check out a new career path. The SECOND I walked into that cosmetology school, I knew I was in the right place. I was nervous, sure. What if I sucked? Was I crazy to take on MORE education debt when I still hadn’t finished paying off my Bachelor’s Degree? Could I survive on my severance package? In Southern California? For a YEAR until I graduated, got my license and started working?

Fast forward 5 years. 

I had connected with a network of INCREDIBLE mentors and traveled the world as a trainer for Paul Mitchell. I had spent time educating at one of the best cosmetology schools in the world. My work had been published in beauty and consumer publications. I was in the company of beauty industry icons, on their teams, working on their projects. Hair shows, photo shoots. I was living the dream. 

And struggling to build my salon clientele...


Los Angeles, CA, USA


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